Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 6 & 7 - Our last two days in Launceston

On Jan 6th we arrived back in Launceston for two last nights before we headed back to Georgia. Here's what we did...

We had a good bye party at the Lanuceston Bike Centre. Tammy suggested it before Christmas and we were lucky to get a spot. It's only $17.50 to rent it for two hours. I remember going there as a child when we lived in Launceston and I just loved it. It hasn't changed much, but the kids sure enjoy it still! Simon and Simone, Tammy and Jason, Jacquie and Jared and Lisa all came with their kids. It was so great to see everyone one last time.

Jakob pushing Ella. Looks like she's enjoying putting her feet up!

There was a great little BBQ area for all the parents to hang out. Tammy and Jason...


This shot is so funny. It's really just a decoration on the wall, but it looks so authentic!

Lisa had a great idea to have all the kids lie down together in a circle.

On Thursday, Jan 7, Mum, Tammy and I went out for Lunch at Still Water Cafe to celebrate Tammy's 40th birthday which was on Dec 18. I don't think we've every done anything like that before, just Tammy, Mum and me. It was kind of impromptu and really fun. So nice to escape from the kids for a bit and be able to be together. Next time I want to be more organized so that Kay and Simone can join us too.

After lunch we went to the aquatic centre for another swim with the kids. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for the blog. Then we headed back to Tammy and Jason's for one last sleep before our flight back to the US.

And now I'm all blogged out!!


The Kings said...

WOW - you've done so much blogging! We will have to start calling YOU the blog queen from now on.

Celeste Christensen said...

Wow! I can't get over how big samenella (stay laugh about it after all these years) are! What a great trip and good times!