Friday, January 15, 2010

Dec 18th - The Don River Railway

We decided to take the kids to the Don River Railway. Sam just loves trains. Even at at 20 months old, when we lived in Chicago, he knew which way to walk so that he could watch the trains go by. When we lived in Calgary we spent the summers riding the steam train at Heritage Park and sometimes I would take the kids downtown to ride the LRT up and down the free zone. Now we live in Georgia and there aren't too many trains going by!! And certainly none to ride. The odd freight train, but that's it.

The boys loved it! We took a picnic and stopped at Coles Beach for lunch. It was raining a bit and we had to huddle under a very small picnic shelter to keep out of the rain. Fortunately we didn't get too wet, but we were very glad to get back on the train for the return trip.

A cool thing about the train we rode, is that it was the same as one I remember riding with my sister Tammy from Launceston to my Nan Van Hoorn's house in Kimberly when I was little. All passenger trains in Tassie stopped in 1978 and so I was fortunate to get a ride and lucky to remember it!

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