Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 3 - 6 Back to Oma and Pop's House

After our time in Bridport we returned to Ulverstone for one last stay with my parents. Here's what we got up to...

A final BBQ with the Burnie Triffitts. It was a really really windy evening. We ended up having the BBQ in a shelter and then coming back to my parents for a final photo. The kids loved playing with their cousins one last time. Savannah and Owen in particular are really going to miss each other.

Sam playing cricket at the BBQ.

Owen's turn batting. Now that we are back home again, I really wish we had brought back a small plastic cricket bat. We have a larger wood one, but it's too heavy for Owen. Today, 2 weeks after we got back, Owen came out with gum boots on and a "helmet" and said that he wanted to play cricket. Unfortunately it was raining buckets outside.

Sam helping Pop build a fence in the back yard.
Owen after he raided Oma's dress-up box. I can't remember who he thought he was.
Ella wore this combination out to run errands. Such a stunning outfit. If you look closely she is wearing a wide belt on top of the hat

I also had a chance to catch up with two friends from high school / Don College. Samara, her husband Mic and their 15 month old son Felix. And also Bec and Tony and their two children Annie and Thomas. We had a lovely, impromptu picnic in my parents back yard. It was so fun to catch up. I hadn't seen Samara in probably 8 years.

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