Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Ready for Halloween

Last week we had a fence built in our backyard. Sam and Ella had a wonderful time watching the men build it. Sam sat for hours in his chair reading a book and chatting to Mike the builder. Sam loves knowing how things are made. He loves watching movies about food processing, home building, cooking - anything that describes how something is made. Today he kept asking over and over how houses are built. I tried to answer his question, but he kept asking so I said we'd try to look for a DVD on the topic at the library this week. Ella is not so interested. She has been known to fall asleep in the middle of the day when Sam is watching one of his construction movies! And she doesn't often take a nap.

Sam and Ella having a snack and watching Mike build one of the gates.
We are so happy with our grass green back yard. A big improvement over the ant hill that was there when we first moved in!

The kids are very lucky this year because they will get to wear their Halloween costumes three times. Malcolm, One of Sam's friends, has a Halloween party last Friday night and this week we have a Ward trunk or treat party on Thursday night and then Halloween on Friday night. Sam is Thomas the Tank Engine this year, Ella a Pixie Fairy and Owen is a candy corn. For the Australian's reading this, candy corns are a lolly (candy) that they only have at Halloween. I've including a pic so you know what the real thing looks like. Owen made a very cute candy corn, but would not stay still long enough for me to get a decent shot!

Image:Candy corn.jpg

A picture of everyone eating pizza at the party. They all got to add their own toppings. Sam likes his with cheese and poppy seeds!

A couple of additional random shots. About once a week I swap kids with a friend who lives in close by. John is Sam's age and Josh is a few months older than Owen. It's great for everyone. The kids get to play and the Mum's get to do what ever they need to with out kids for a couple of hours! Here they are eating waffles at our place last Thursday.

Sam, Ella and Chris eating popcorn balls as a treat for family home evening tonight. Ella managed to knock the popcorn machine over and then spill the first batch of popcorn all over the floor. Thankfully the second back made it!


Celeste said...

They look so cute!! I love the candy corn!

Sim-Dim said...

Was the fence one of the jobs you had lined up for dad?