Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Junuary and getting ready for Valentine's Day

We are having a very mild winter. This time last year we'd already had a few days of snow. It's been so nice that it reminds me of the nice summer days we had when we lived in Calgary. The boys have been wearing shorts and t-shirt. And Owen runs around most of the time in boxer shorts or swimmers and no t-shirt at all! The great thing is that with all this nice weather the kids have been playing outside alot. Below are a few pics from an afternoon in the backyard last week.

Tonight Sam and Ella made boxes to take to school for Valentine's Day. Every child prepares a "letter box" for their class mates to drop Valentine's in. The Valentines are mostly cards, but sometimes come with a piece of candy or a cookie (that's a lolly and a biscuit if you're speaking Australian!). They are very excited to share their Valentine's next week

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