Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They should have these at Burger King!

We're on a vegie kick at our house at the moment and are trying out two new vegetarian cookbooks we received at Christmas time. Tonight for dinner we had Black Bean-Chipotle Burgers. Half way through his burger Sam declared enthusiastically "They should have these at Burger King!" The funny thing is we've only ever taken the kids to Burger King once and they hated the chicken nuggets we got them. Also, Sam, until the last year was a very fussy eater, after some help from a speach thearapist who specialized in helping kids with eating disorders, Sam is gaining ground fast and now will try most things, a huge improvement on 18 months ago. So for Sam to declare that he loved his burger and that they should make them at Burger King sure made his Dad and me smile!

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