Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day

I like to celebrate Australia Day in our home. I love sharing a bit about Australia with the kids and this year I also went into Sam and Ella's classrooms to talk about Australia and share a couple of stories. It was so much fun! Owen came with me on the school visits, it was fun for him to be my helper and see a bit of what goes on at school.

For family home evening on Monday night we made chocolate and strawberry Lamingtons to share with Sam and Ella's class mates. There are no bakeries here to buy them from and so the only way we get them is if we make them. They are fun to make but very messy! Especially with 4 kids helping out. I'm still sweeping up bits of coconut.


Simone Triffitt said...

Oh yum - you go to more effort than us who are actually over here!! ;) We just cooked a few snags on the barby. Great helping owen.

HandS said...

where do you find the "dessicated"coconut here,Penny? and which recipe…wish I had remembered where you lived when I came to Georgia for Heidi's national eventing championships….an aussie in Wyoming bakes all the aussie treats. we used to have a BBQ annually. they celebrated australia Day at a pub in downtown Denver. they also have an annual cricket game..aussies against the English…and there is a ladies group who meet monthly…haven't been forever…I think I dropped off the mailing list..they were fun…never thought to do something for it at school.. even tho Heidi is 28 now!…I can still go to the local primary ….take care…Sally