Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Binghams Save the Day!

This afternoon we arrived home from church and found a turtle sitting in front of our garage. We have no idea how it got there (very slowly I guess!), but we decided that we should move it closer to water. There is a large pond about 200m away on the other side of a main road. So everyone quickly got changed and that's where we headed. In hindsight, I hope we did the right thing - maybe it's been living in our backyard all this time and now we've moved it away from its family. And certainly it was a tad bit traumatized by 3 kids poking at it and being moved in a bucket!

Saying goodbye to our turtle.....

These two shots were just too funny not to blog. Ella loves to play with Elliott and Elliott loves to pull Ella's hair! Elliott came away with quite a fist full! Poor Ella... And what is Owen doing!!


The Kings said...

Oh soooo cool!!! I love the last photo - I have thought about doing a post of all the 'bad' photos that you get that are so funny. They will make them laugh in years to come.

Elizabeth said...

I love the last two photos. Priceless!