Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thankful that we have our life back!

"And we're thankful that Dad has a new car and that we can have our life back." This is what Sam said in his prayers last week after Chris finally found a new car that fit our criteria. After 4 weeks without a car during the day the kids and I were very grateful to have the minivan back so that we could get back to our usual routine.

Here's a picture of the new car... It's a 2000 Honda Civic that was previously owned by a grandma in Florida. It only has 48,000miles (77,000km). Chris is very happy with his new car. Drive just like the old one, only much nicer and newer (yes even a 9 year old car can feel new!)

Some other random shots downloaded from the camera... The kids "playing" dominos together. They were really just using them as building blocks. I usually don't let them touch any of the "Mum and Dad" games, but after 4 weeks at home I relented!
Elliott sitting up in his new Bumbo chair. He is 4 months old already, time flies! He has Chris's eye color and I think he looks the most like Chris of any of the boys.
Storytime with Dad...

Chris took the kids out with their "rainbrellas" on Sunday evening. They had a great time stomping in the puddles. Even with their umbrellas they came back pretty soaked. This nice thing is that it's warm rain. Not like the cold rain I hear Tassie has been getting!

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Sim-Dim said...

Oh yeah I agree - Elliott does look the most like Chris. Oh warm rain would be such a treat. Maybe when you guys get here.....