Friday, September 11, 2009


Sam loves to have a screw driver in his hand taking things apart to see how they work. He has got very good at this and can often take apart a toy and put it back together again. A couple of weeks ago I found him with a new baby toy a friend had given to us for Elliott. He had all the parts laid out on the floor and quite clearly was not going to be able to put it all back together again! This has become such an obsession that I have had to start hiding the screw drivers and he has likewise, been found hiding a "spare one" in his bedroom.

This talent comes in handy though, here is a picture of Sam putting the vacuum cleaner back together after we had replaced one of the belts yesterday. And the one below is of him "tinkering" with one of his toy cars today.

And here are a couple of funny shots of Ella and Owen wearing pipe cleaner glasses. Owen is a wild 2-year old at the moment and knows want he wants. On the afternoon these picture were taken he had decided that clothes were not an option!

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Tammy Rowlings said...

Sam sounds just like jakob.... better watch out when he gets older as he thinks he can do anything!!