Saturday, May 30, 2009


It's probably pretty easy to guess why I haven't updated our blog in the past few weeks! Four kids under five is busy!!

Elliott is now 5 weeks old. At 4 weeks he had already gained over 4 lbs and was 12 lbs 6oz! He sure looks like he's getting fed well and he looks so much like Sam did at the same age. Sam also gained a pound a week for the first six weeks of his life and so the chubby pictures look very much alike!

Here I am trying to sooth Elliott and sing songs to Owen before he goes to bed. I wish I were an octopus so I have enough arms for everyone! An extra set of eyes would be good too. We all went to Walmart last weekend and got out to the car before we realized that Owen was not with us! I thought Chris had him and he thought I did! Thankfully he was right where we left him at the checkout. But, I refuse to go to Walmart with all of them on my own at the moment. It's just too big and too easy to loose someone!

Summer has officially hit and most days are around 90oF (32oC). We got the Slip 'N Slide out last week. The kids had a blast.

Last weekend Chris had Monday off for Memorial Day. We decided to do something different and went to Aiken, a pretty town about 30 mins away. It was drizzling a bit and so the kids got to use their umbrellas. We got there just before a parade was about to start. Someone on the street commented to Chris that we were our own parade!


The Kings said...

Oh Penny - I know how busy and hard 4 kids under 10 is, so I know you are EXTRA busy!!!! I feel for you. Those first few months are very hard, but as you know it gets a lot easier and a lot more fun after a little while. He is a cutie. Hope you are getting some sort of rest in between all the busyness!

The Parsons Family said...

Hey Penny. Having fun reading about YOU! Congrats on your number 4! He's cute.
Dittto to Lisa's comment! It's tough having 4 but fun! The first yr is hardest for me! But way to go Penny, your kids are adorable. Im impressed with the broccoli too!!!! I love the comment about you guys being the parade!!! I get stares a lot when I take the 4 girls out!!! Crazy people us having 4 kids....

Tammy Rowlings said...

Hey Pen,
it was great reading your blog... I know just how you feel!!!! I just wish so much that I was close by to help out or just give you time out!!!

Kerolann said...

I was going to say how much I thought Elliot looked like Sam as a baby. I often feel like a parade, and I only have 3 kids! You are doing great!