Sunday, April 12, 2009

A fun filled week with Dad

Last week was spring break for Chris. School has been really busy since the start of the year for Chris and so we'd all been looking forward to having him home for a whole week. We made the most of it, packing the week with trips to the swimming pool, the zoo and the playground. We got lots done in the garden and around the house too.

The highlight for Sam was learning to ride his bike without his training wheels. Chris pushed him along a bit at the start and then he just took off! He is so proud that he's a big kid now and can ride a 2-wheeler. And we're proud of him too!
Ella also upgraded from a trike to her big girl bike with training wheels.

And now Owen is in desparate need of something with pedals. He's so small though that we're having trouble finding something that works! Would you believe that he can ride this push bike for a km (under a mile) or more!
Ella is really into dressing herself at the moment. This was one of the more special outfits she put on last week. I really love the socks and sandals combo!

Chris playing "trains" with the kids.

At the zoo last Thursday. The zoo is just over an hour away in Columbia, SC. We had a great time until the crowds got too much for us. It was so busy, that as we were leaving, the police had blocked the entrance so no one else could come in!

Sam and Owen heading to the playground..
Owen, Ella and Sam ready for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.
Owen lost interest in the Easter Egg Hunt pretty quickly. I had to show him that there was candy inside each egg and then he was racing to find more!

Sam waiting for his turn. Each age group went separately and so Sam had to wait for Owen and Ella to go before it was his turn.

Ella with her girlfriends drinking juice after the Easter Egg Hunt.
Ella sleeping with her bunny ears on Saturday night, all ready to get more Easter Eggs on Sunday morning!
The kids with their stash of eggs Sunday morning.
In Australia you can always buy Hot Cross Buns at Easter. Since we can't buy them here, I made some at home. Here they are ready to go in the oven. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot when they were all done.

Chris also treated me last week. Here he is cooking up an Indian Feast on Friday night. I love Indian food, especially when I'm pregnant. The baby started kicking like crazy afterwards, I think the spicy food woke it up! My other treat was spending one afternoon at the spa for a massage and pedicure - so nice, but the time went way too quickly!


Liz said...

I loved these pictures. It made me miss you guys even more! I'm glad you had a fun week.

The Kings said...

Easter looked like fun! I can't believe you can't buy hot cross buns there! The ones you made look great though.