Monday, March 9, 2009

Owen the cute

Chris loves to ask Sam "Are you handsome?" and for Ella "Are you pretty?". They always respond "yes!". And for Owen he asks "And what's Owen?" and then Sam and Ella respond "He's cute!"

Well our cute little baby is getting bigger. He's now 20 months and full of personality in a little body. He has made it on the growth charts now and is in the bottom 10% for height and 5% for weight. He can already hold short conversations with you and ask for pretty much anything he wants. His idol is Ella and he can often be found copying things that she does - particularly dress-up and dolls!.

Owen loves strawberries. I put these on the table for dinner last week and he decided that they were all for him!

About 2 Sundays ago Chris was helping the kids with their breakfast while I was taking a shower. I heard a cry from Chris and then frantic calls for the fish net. Owen had decided to feed his goldfish the remains of his cereal! The good news is that the fish are still alive and doing well.
Owen came up with these outfits all on his own!

But he is a little boy at heart and loves to get dirty. Here he is "helping" Chris in the garden on Saturday.
And Owen is still riding the vacuum cleaner. Although with me getting bigger I've had to start saying no, which he is not too happy about.


The Kings said...

Looks like he is taking after his cousin Oliver there!!

Sim-Dim said...

I was just thinking the same thing - esp with the pink tutu!!

Laurel Lee said...

I loved the outfits. Owen truly is "Owen the cute!"