Monday, September 8, 2008

Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens

I'm way behind on my blogging and so I thought I'd take a couple of days to catch-up. We were away for a week at the beach (more on that tomorrow), but the week before that we went for a day trip to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia is about 90 minutes away from Augusta. In Calgary the zoo was only 15 minutes away and we went every few weeks or so. We sure do miss it and Sam is already asking for us to go back to the zoo in Columbia. It's a shame that it's so far away.

We had a really great day, but by 1pm we were all hot and tired and ready to come home. A local told us that Columbia is in a basin and so the humidity just sits. It sure felt like it was doing that the day we went!

Sam and Ella got to go for a ride on the carousel.

Ella with the Llama.

Sam took one look at the map when we arrived, saw train tracks, and would not let up until he was allowed to go for a ride..
Our favorite animal of the day were the penguins. It was nice and cool inside and we all took a break from the heat.

Here's Owen getting up close to the fish in one of the aquariums.

And I just found this random pic on the camera. Owen watches everyone so closely. Ella is always dressing up and so he had a go at it too!!

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