Thursday, July 24, 2008

A quiet week at home

This week the kids have enjoyed a few quieter days at home. We don't really have any grass in the backyard yet (our first project!), which makes keeping kids happy at home all day challenging. To keep them busy until we get the backyard sorted out, I bought a bag of play sand and emptied it into a storage container - you would have thought it was the best sand box around. They had a great time!

And today we bought a slip 'n slide. Unfortunately it burst after 20 minutes. Poor Sam was heart broken.

And when it gets too hot outside, you can always get crafty. Here's Sam wearing his fashionable Thomas mask. We also made paper planes and pencil holders this week.
We have been home this week because Ella has been sick. Unlike the boys, she gets sick quite often. She normally doesn't take a nap, but on Wednesday, because she was sick, she took a 3 hour one! But then she didn't want to go to bed. She lapped up the time on her own with Mum and Dad. Here she is getting her hair blow dried by Chris (he does this almost every night for her!). And then I got to paint her toe nails.


Tammy Rowlings said...

Love Ella's toes, she would have a ball here with Aneika. Katie-Lynne and Lilly love it when she does their fingernails and toenails and hair and makeup....

happyfamily said...

Hi Penny! It's Sarah Heaton. It's great to see your great family- I'm so impressed that you are such a fun mom! Thomas masks and other activities- you're so cool! I've been thinking of you guys ever since our girls' joint birthday- I can't believe that another one is just around the corner. If you're ever in the mood to come to the beach in California, you should come stay with us- we'd love to catch up! (And eat some good food with you!)