Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few Random pics

On Saturday we took the kids to a lake about 15 minutes away. It's a popular boating, skiing and jet ski spot. There is also a small area with sand that you can go swimming at. There is a drought in Georgia at the moment and the water level is very low making the lake less attractive. But we went swimming anyway. The kids had a wonderful time covering themselves with muddy sand and then washing it off again. Chris and I did not like the fish nibbling at our legs! And, I have to say it it was a pretty poor substitute for the beaches in Australia or the lake front in Chicago. Sam has already asked to go again, Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera - I guess I'm not a pro blogger yet!

Some other random shots from the past few days... Ella in a new dress all ready for church on Sunday

We have some great friends here called the Haycocks. Chris grew up with John in Calgary and both he and his wife Ashleigh were a HUGE help when we moved to Augusta. They have four children and on Monday we had them over. They had a great time playing together
Owen was very popular with MacKenna and Cassidy...
One of my secret talents is that I play the flute. The kids love it when I play for them. Here they are with flutes they made this morning using their tinker toys. Later Ella added a microphone and they did a little number for me... so cute!

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