Sunday, November 21, 2010

School Carnival

On Saturday, November 13th Sam's school held a carnival / fundraiser. Chris was unable to come with us and so Mary, one of our friends from church, came with us to help me out. Chris has been very busy this year and so I often end up going places with the kids on my own. It was so nice to have Mary's company and help for the morning. Mary also helps me with the kids during Sacrament Meeting each Sunday because Chris has to sit up on the stand. She also watched them some of the time when I went home to Australia in May for Nan Triffitt's funeral. The kids love her and she has become like an adopted Grandma to them. Even Elliott went with her during church today for a while. He usually screams even if Chris tries to take him, but he didn't complain at all when Mary took him out during church today. I certainly appreciate her help! Anyway, here are some pictures from the carnival...

Listening to a story.

Sam made it all the way to the top of this climbing wall and was not scared one bit!

Ella showing her butterfly face paint..

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