Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Sam!

Sam turned 6 today! He has been counting down the days and was so excited this morning to open his presents. And better yet, we had friends staying the night to join in the festivities with us. Madelyn and Brian are friends of ours from when we lived in Chicago. They now live in North Carolina and stopped by for a night on their way to Texas. They have two children - Elliott (4 tomorrow!) and Lilly (18mths). It was so great to see them again after 4 years and to meet their children. Our kids all had a great time together and we really hope to see them again soon. Sam is already asking for Elliott to come again.

As you can see, Owen did not want to be in this picture!

Sam blowing out the candles on his birthday pavlova. Our friend Elliott got a turn because he is turning 4 tomorrow and then Owen also got a turn because he loves birthday candles so much and is turning 3 next week!

10 things we love about Sam:
- He is a happy kid
- He wants to do what's right
- Often looks for ways to help without being asked
- Watches out for his younger siblings
- His love of water and swimming
- How he loves to ride our friends golf cart and will willing go anywhere for a ride
- How he wants to be first all the time (he was born first, so why not!)
- His memory
- How great he is at putting things back together and fixing things
- HOw much he loves friends and family

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Madelyn said...

So happy we could make those great memories together! I hope you had a great time in TX! We're enjoying ourselves...I'll have to tell you about our New Orleans time though. Things only went downhill after we left your good care. But we made it!