Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!

Owen and Sam were both due on July 4th. One came 6 days early, the other 2 days late. And now we get to have a party mid-year with 2 birthdays and 4th of July sandwiched in the middle.

On Monday, July 6th, Owen turned two. It seems like he has been two for a long time already and so we were glad to make it official. The night before Owen's birthday the kids decided to all sleep in Owen's room together. They were so excited and it took a little longer than usual for them to all settle down and sleep.

Owen was so excited about his birthday. I guess it helps to have older siblings to get you going. He knew exactly what to do with his presents....

By 7:45am we were outside taking his new "Plasma Car" for a ride...

Omi (my Mum) sent Owen a badge that says "I am 2". He proudly wore it all day long!

For his birthday dinner Owen had pizza and cupcakes decorated with way too much candy! Owen loves birthday candles and we had to light them twice!

10 things we love about Owen:
- How much he talks. Tonight he said to Chris "Sam's room. Get fireworks book. Be right back"! Not bad for a 2-year old.
- How little he is
- That he loves cuddles and being sung to
- That he is everyone's favorite at the gym daycare. I'm not Sam or Ella or Elliott's Mum. They all know me as Owen's Mum
- That he sings, and tells us to stop if we try to join in
- That he always wants to go with his Dad on errands
- How obsessed he is with water. Any body of water (e.g., lake, puddles etc) are swimming pools to Owen
- How he loves to help his Dad in the garden
- How he insists on doing everything Sam and Ella are doing. This includes helping cook, wearing a bike helmet and jumping in the swimming pool
- How sweet he is with Elliott. He loves to give him hugs and his favorite stuffed elephant

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Sim-Dim said...

A very happy birthday to you Owen. Pity you can't bring your plasma bike with you at Chrissy. Hallie would love to do 'burnouts' with you.