Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day and so the kids and I spent the day making Australian food, singing Australian songs and pretending to get on a plane and fly to Australia. It's not quite the same as going to the beach and/or having a picnic which is probably what we'd be doing if we were in Australia!

Today we made Lamingtons (cake squares coated in chocolate icing and coconut!) and Anzac biscuits. For the N. Americans reading this, Australians call cookies biscuits and the closest thing to biscuits we have are scones. Anzac is an acronym for Australian New Zealand Army Core and the biscuits were originally made for the Australian and New Zealand troups in WWI.

Tonight we dropped off some Lamingtons and Anzac biscuits with some friends. It was fun to share a little bit of Australia with them.

Here are Sam, Ella and Owen mixing up the cake for the Lamingtons. What you can't see is me, 6mths pregnant, standing on the chairs above them trying to direct traffic! I sure hope one day they all enjoy cooking!!

Lamingtons, the finished product - YUM YUM

ANZAC biscuits...

Sam enjoying a Lamington. He also had four ANZAC biscuits today!!


The Kings said...

Oh yay!! Good to see you celebrated it, and that the kids are getting lots of Australia still. It was a beautiful day yesterday - so hot and nice to hang out at the beach all day.

HandS said...

I need ,really need your recipes for lamingtons and Anzacs...and let me know any tricks you do... I live at 6700 somethings are tricky with the elevation.. SLC is half our height...I miss those so much!!