Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fort Discovery

Chris had the day off on Friday and so we went to "Fort Discovery" which is a science museum here in Augusta. The kids had a great time . We purchased a 12 month pass so we can go periodically during the year. We had a pass to the science center in Calgary and in Chicago we lived within walking distance of the Museum of Science and Industry. The Museum of Science and Industry is HUGE and makes the Calgary and Augusta science centers seem really tiny by comparison. At the one in Chicago there is a full sized submarine, plane and steam train inside and that's just the beginning! We really miss it.

On Saturday we worked on the backyard. It was a disaster when we moved in. Very little grass and way too many ants! So far we've had three trees removed, put up a retaining wall and at the moment we are getting ready to lay sod next weekend. Chris and I are total city folk. We are not used to getting our hands dirty like this! We will be very happy when it's all done and we can sit back and enjoy watching our kids roll around in the grass.

This is a picture of Chris using a tilling machine to break up the ground. It was a very messy, dusty job.

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